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Living by the 7 Cornerstones of Teamwork


Formalise your team identity and decide how you plan to operate going forward

Business Issue

Any team in an organisation is constantly evolving as members join and leave. Team norms are created over time. These norms aren’t always positive. A company can set out high level values and constantly communicate them to all employees, but are those values truly demonstrated in reality? Are teams within an organisation ever given the space to decide on and discuss their team identity and how the high-level values should be exhibited within their team? This half day programme gives teams the time and space to do just that.

The Learner Experience

Back in 1944 in the town of Capena, Italy, Dr. Thomas Rae, world-renowned archaeologist and professor of archaeology at Oxford University, unearthed a priceless find: Emperor Tiberius’ Atrium floor! Suspecting that there may be others after the same discovery, Dr. Rae kept his findings a secret by recording each piece in code and sending them to his confidential assistant. Two weeks ago, Thomas cabled to say he was coming home to unravel all the clues he’d discovered. Dr. Rae never arrived. It is now 2016 and it is your team’s job to recreate Emperor Tiberius’ Atrium floor.


What are the 7 Cornerstones of Teamwork?

  • Leadership
  • Unanimous Focus on a Common Goal
  • Clearly Defined Roles for Subgroups
  • Shared Resources
  • Effective and Frequent Communication
  • Consistent, United and Enthusiastic Effort
  • Periodic and Temporary Suppression of the Ego

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of the 7 Cornerstones of Teamwork in creating an effective team
  • Discover and understand the principles of a world-class team
  • Practice using the principles in progressively more difficult challenges
  • Identify what behaviours reflect the Cornerstones of Teamwork in a practical way within your work team
  • Establish a common language for designing and diagnosing team effectiveness
  • Understand individual impact on team goals and results

Practical Details

  • 4-Hour Programme
  • Small Group Programme – 15 or less
  • Ideal for rejuvenating teams or forming new teams
  • Can be used as a follow-on session to other programmes


“Facilitating this workshop is incredibly rewarding as it affords teams the time and space to step back and actually think about their working group as a team. Team members get to understand the perspectives of their colleagues better and share ideas on how they believe as a group they could operate more effectively. It’s great at unifying a group to try and be collective standard bearers. ”


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