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Promises, Promises!


A truly united team-of-teams delivers a game-changing service advantage

Business Issue

No one is an island within any organisation-we’re all customers and suppliers within a larger service relationship. Working contrary to this is this is the reality that people tend to build borders; they can’t see beyond their own ‘job’ and immediate needs to their vital role within a greater whole. When this attitude spreads, the symptoms are obvious: distrust, self-serving behaviour and broken commitments. The results of those trends are worse: compromised quality, minimal productivity and terrible customer service. Promises, Promises! delivers a perception-shattering experience that creates a vision for a truly borderless organisation.

The Learner Experience

The inaugural meeting of the United League of Nations is set to commence…and you’re elected! Empowered as the politicians of your own nation – one of 10 – you and your team must honour the promises made to your demanding constituents. Within a world of diplomatic intrigue, politics, scandals and lots of fun, you’ll have to overcome distrust, cultural barriers and flawed communications to make good on your commitments. But, with the clock ticking, the Promises, Promises! Experience breaks down these borders to show the importance of delivering on both ‘local’ and ‘global’ priorities. You will be surprised by the learning as you develop key skills based on productive collaboration, open communication and results-focused teamwork, all with an eye to achieving the ultimate goal-becoming a truly United League of Nations


Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Move from a ‘me’ mentality to a ‘we’ perspective
  • Operate with more ease and efficiency by fostering an environment of trust
  • Negotiate to generate mutually beneficial results and productive partnerships – everybody is a customer and supplier
  • Optimise overall success by aligning your efforts to achieve individual, team and organisational goals
  • Employ collaboration and widespread communication – focused on ‘big picture’ needs – to deliver exceptional internal and external service

Practical Details

  • 3-4 Hour Programme
  • Minimum Group Size of 20
  • Teams of 2-6 Participants
  • Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels
  • Ideal for use in both a conference and training setting


“Promises Promises is a great programme for opening participants eyes to how easily we can lose sight of the big picture at work. We can become so transfixed with our own small piece of the jigsaw that we neglect to engage in wider scale activities required to make the organisation thrive. It’s great at shaking people out of the typical ‘that’s not my job’ attitude. It’s also great at focusing participants on who they’ll need to engage with in order to bring about change in an area they are responsible for. We’ve used it to drive an awareness of key stakeholders and how to engage with them when implementing operational excellence projects.”


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